1. Once you have submitted your application through our website, we will begin the submission process immediately to the Malaysia Immigration / High Commission (hereafter known as the government).

2. If your application has not yet been submitted to the government for approval, there will be a $40 Cancellation Fee. If the application has already been submitted for approval to the government, no refund can be made. If a duplicate application has been made in error, a full refund will be made for the duplicate payment only.

3. Refund will NOT be available in case of any Visa denial from Malaysia Immigration / High Commission or Government’s decision.

4. There will be no refunds in case of delay due to any technical issues in Government website such as system error / website upgrading.

5. Visa fees are also non-refundable should you chose not to use your visa as service has already been performed.

6. If the user has applied on another website causing a duplicate application for the same passport, only the Government Fees will be returned.

7. In addition, for all Express Visa Application who have the above issues will have a return deducted by $40. If you made a double payment or multiple payments for the same application due to a system error, please email us with the full details and we will make refund of the excess fees.

8. Kindly note that refund process will take 25 business days. If you did not receive refund within this time frame, please contact us for the status.

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